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The Visit Continues...


On Wednesday, Charles and Wil went to the
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. to a Mayan calendar...then next to a giant nautilus fossil.

Charles outside the museum and Wil next to a triceratop's skull

Wil & Charles in front of a polar bear...WATCH OUT!
(By the way, a guy to Charles's left was being flirtatious with Charles.)

Charles & Wil in front of a reconstruction of a Native American dwelling.

Then, they went to the La Brea Tar Pits.

Following that, they went to Melrose Avenue, where Charles bought two pairs of shoes,
two pairs of thong sandals (which he later returned) and a REALLY cute zip up shirt/jacket thing.

When they returned home, Wil & Charles realized Charles just bought the
exact same kind of sunglasses that Wil owned already.  Those silly boys!

Thursday, Wil & Charles stayed in Burbank until the evening when they went to Tigerheat at the Arena
(they aren't in any of the pictures, but those pictures are of the night they went out).

On Friday, Charles & Wil ventured out to Palm Springs to visit Wil's uncles.

Saturday they returned to the Los Angeles are where they made some stops in West Hollywood,
Hollywood and Universal Studio before heading back to Burbank.

Hollywood sign in the distance.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Wil, then Charles, in front of the Universal Studios globe.  Wil, evidently, cannot take photos properly.

Although this picture isn't that bad (Wil took it).  These were at Universal's CityWalk.

That night, Wil took Charles to the airport.  It was sad to part ways, but they knew they would see each other soon.