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Charles Visits L.A.

Charles had his last spring break this past week (March 5-12) and
decided to venture out to Los Angeles to see his boyfriend.

These are some pictures that documented his visit.


On their way to the club, Wil & Charles decide to take a brief nap.
Charles had just flown in that night, so he was kind of tired - from the jet lag, of course.

Party time at Rage!!

Sunday was spent planning, then enjoying, the dinner party that was thrown at Wil, Eva and Jen's.


On Monday, Charles and Wil went to the beach...

Santa Monica Pier

Charles at Santa Monica beach...

...and playing in the water.

Following their trip to Santa Monica Pier, they ventured to Malibu (Point Dume) for a romantic sunset on the cliffs.
For those pictures, click here.


After Wil went to class during the day, he and Charles went with Eva, MonQuez,
Jen and her friend from acting class, to go karaoke at Koji's.

Eva and MonQuez

Let the singing begin...

...and the crazy people (Johnny Depp look-alike) picking up Eva.

Wil & Charles -- Jen's friend (what was her name?) & Jen

It seems that MonQuez and Jen couldn't stay awake on the ride back.  Eva, you aren't sleeping, are you?

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